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Gerber Airfoil Blue, Drop Point, Fine Edge

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Colour: Blue
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Overall length: 6.6”
Blade length: 2.7”
Closed length: 3.9”
Weight: 2.2 oz.
Lock mechanism: liner lock
Blade style: drop point
Blade type: fine edge
T-shaped dual thumb studs

A sleek and modern design make the Airfoil a fashionable addition. The aluminum handle adds nearly no weight for effortless opening and comfortable ease of use. A smartly ribbed spine and a refined drop point blade add functional value.

With a sleek handle that emulates the shape of an airplane wing, the Airfoil clip folding knife is a dexterous addition to Gerber’s already impressive range of folding knives. The aluminum handle is designed to add almost no weight to the overall knife so that it opens with little effort and stays in your hand with equal ease. The Airfoil folder is a clever, attractive addition to the daily contents of your pocket.
With its sleek feel and comfortable handle, the Airfoil slides smoothly into your palm. Its equitable structure offers the folder excellent balance for solid application, and its liner lock gives you confidence that it won’t close on your hand during use. A T-shaped thumbstud creates an elegant lever so deploying the manual-opening knife is as second-nature as flipping a switch.
The blade contains a smartly ribbed spine along the upper bevel which provides excellent grip and control for everyday tasks. Its refined drop point blade is a perfect counterpoint to the hurdles of daily life when a sturdy edge is required.

Everyday / General Purpose

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