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Gerber Randy Newberg EBS Fixed Blade - Fine Edge

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Colour: Orange
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Randy Newberg has been harvesting more animals than you for a long time. Along the way, he has learned a plethora of priceless information on how to get the job done better. Whether using the Gutless Method or a traditional open cavity method, the EBS is more than all you need. Utilizing 440C steel, these task-specific blades will stand up to years of use. The meat and hide proceeds of your harvest will be in better shape due to tailored designs for each step of the process. Nest the handle into the back of the Quiet Carry blade box and discreetly drop it into your pack, with the lightweight skeletonized design, you won’t notice until you need it.

• 440C exchangeable blade shapes for backstrap, caping/breakdown, and multi-purpose
• Handle nests to box for minimal footprint
• Improved Split Sec Tech®
• Retroflective material for night locating
• Lightweight skeletonized construction
• Hand-hugging ergonomics
• Quiet Carry box

Weight: 6.01 oz

Backed by decades of experience and chock full of purposeful features, the Randy Newberg EBS lives up to its namesake. Whether using the gutless or traditional open cavity method, the EBS has 3 task-specific blades to streamline each step of the process. The skeletonized design means no added weight and the handle nests in the quiet carry box for secure and discreet transport.


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