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Gerber Vital Replacement Blades - 420HC - #60 razor - 12pcs pk

Sale price$35.00 SGD


Blade length: 2.8”
Blade material: replaceable 420HC #60 razor
Easier & safer than competition
12 replacement blades per pack

Ready at a moment's notice, the highly visual orange case is easy to locate and operate on the fly. There are 12 replacement blades in the cavity, safely extracted without worry of reaching into a bag for a loose blade. The waste compartment keeps used blades in one place.
Twelve replacement blades are housed within the Vital Replacement Blade’s simple high-visual container. These are for use in conjunction with the Vital Fixed Blade EAB and the Vital Pocket Folder EAB. The replacement blades reduce waste in the woods, and the Vital container affords easy extraction for safe application.


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