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You might look at the humble design of our Nite Ize Drink ‘N Clip™ Bottle
Holder and say to yourself, “Really?” Well, to answer your question,
“Yes. Really.”

When clipped onto a bottle with a neck, the Nite Ize Drink 'N Clip Bottle
Holder becomes an instant handle. Not only is that incredibly convenient, it
also means while you're enjoying the cold beverage of your choice, you
won't have a drippy, sweaty bottle in your hands. But the best feature of the
Drink 'N Clip is this: when you're trekking through an airport, at a concert,
out hiking, playing disc golf or lawn games—you can clip this puppy right
onto your belt or pocket, bottle and all, and bam! You're hands-free for the
task at hand, with your beverage right at your side. Imagine the envious
looks you'll get from the Drink 'N Clip-less crowd, walking around juggling
their drippy, sweaty bottles, wishing they could put them down for a
moment, wishing they were you. As an added bonus, the Drink 'N Clip
comes with a Size #0 Plastic S-Biner that will allow you to clip it nearly
anywhere when it's not in use, keeping it handy for your next beverage.

  • Universal sizing – fits most bottles with 1” “neck” diameter
  • Included S-Biner clip for convenient attachment and carry in between uses.
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Hands-Free Beverage Holder!
  • Product Dimensions: 2.3” x 2” x 1.1”
  • Weight: .21 oz
Camping / Outdoor, Everyday / General Purpose, Lifestyle

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