Nite Ize Flashlight Ultimate Disc - 175gm

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Colour: White
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Our new Flashflight 175g Ultimate Flying Disc is just that….ULTIMATE!
Whether you’re using it for official tournament play, a league, or a backyard
game of catch, the Flashflight Ultimate 175 gram Flying Disc will give your
pulls, huks and throws consistent flights every time. Constructed with a
perfect balance of high quality blended materials, the Flashflight Ultimate Disc
is not too hard and not too soft – it’s just right! Easy to grip, yet stiff enough for
the most powerful arm, the Flashflight Ultimate Disc holds the line and is
reliable enough to hold up to years of use for the hardcore Ultimate Disc
professional or the backyard “pro”.

Grip one, rip one and watch it fly!

Available Color: White with Red Foil, White with Blue Foil,
White with Holographic Pattern or White/Blank

Weight: 175 grams

Camping / Outdoor, Sports

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