Silva Adventure 70 UN Steering Compass

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70UN is a universal compass that can be used in its bracket as a steering compass or as a handheld sighting compass.
70UN can be installed in any inclination or position, even upside down. It is easily detached from the bracket to enable temporary sighting use or for security purposes. With a main steering scale on the horizontal part and direct reading on the vertical edge,
70UN is ideal for boats with a sitting as well as a standing helmsman. The curved lubber line enables swift and clear reading at a glance without parallax errors. If dropped in the sea – it floats! Suitable for small boats, kayaks, dinghies, canoes and more…

Type of compass: -
Article number: 35014-9011
Accuracy: ± 1° (17.8 mils)
Apparent card diameter: 70mm (2.7 inch)
Built-in compensator: Optional
Card type: Cone
Compatibility: Kayaks, Powerboats, Sailboats, Universal
Dimensions: 86x175mm
Gimballed cradle: No
Heeling angle: Roll: 30° Pitch: 360°
Heeling angle scale: No
Illumination: No
Material: ABS, Acrylic
Memory ring: No
Mounting: Bracket, Handheld
Mounting angle: Any
Protective cover: No
Temperature operating range: -10°C to +70°C
Variant: Magnetic Equator, Magnetic North, Magnetic South
Weight: 405g
Instruction manuals languages: SE, GB, F, DE, DK, FIN, JP, CN, RU, NO, NL, IT, PT, ES
Warranty: 5 years
Country of Origin: China


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