Silva Carry Dry Bag - TPU-V

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Colour: Purple
Capacity: 3L
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The TPU-V series are our most durable dry bags, supplemented with a built-in compression valve for optimizing packing space. Just turn the valve, squeeze the bag to let the air out, close the valve and you have a compact bag that is easier to fit into your kayak or backpack.

Silva's TPU-V dry bags are made of abrasion resistant material that can endure tough conditions. The see-through material makes it easier to find your gear inside the bag. The small and medium sizes have a headlamp hanger inside that lets you use the dry bag as a soft lamp in a tent or a boat. The TPU-V series is perfect for the kayaker or yachtsman with high demands on their equipment. Keep your gear dry and organized during your marine adventures were water protection, durability and packing space is key.

The dry bags are easy to stuff and close – roll the top edges at least three times, and close the buckle and your belongings are kept dry. The bags are made of heavy-duty and durable fabric, suitable for any outdoor activity.

Supplemented with a built-in compression valve for optimizing packing space

Use the headlamp attachment inside the bag to get a soft glowing tent light (works with all sizes).

Withstands tough weather conditions

TPU material, abrasion resistant

Ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Headlamp attachment: Use as tent light (6L & 12L)
Material: Transparent TPU (Abrasion resistant)
Volume: 6 litres, 12 litres, 24 litres, 36 litres, 48 litres
Water resistance: Waterproof
Weight: 105g, 170,5g, 220g, 295g, 335g
Winter use: Flexible in temperatures down to -20 °C

Camping / Outdoor, Sports, Marine

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