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A well-planned journey begins in the comfort of your own home and leaves you time to enjoy the trip once you are actually out in thewilderness. With a map measurer your trip can be planned in detail, to avoid surprises on the way. Daily stages linked together with the number of days of the trip, should be equivalent to the distance you want to cover, to reach your goal in time.

SILVA Map Measurer Plus is a digital navigation instrument with a modern waterproof design. Set it according to your map scale and it measures your planned route in kilometers, miles or nautical miles. Given a known speed it can also calculate how long it will take to cover the rest of the trip.

• Water proof – for use in all weather conditions
• Adds and subtracts distance – flexible measurement
• Smart wheel setting – quick and easy set up
• Time to go calculator with countdown timer – how far will I reach before dawn
• Scale 1:1 – 1:99.999.999 – Compatible with any map or scale
• Belt clip and detachable lanyard – carry it however you like.

User Categories: Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Marine

Accuracy: max 1% deviation
Resolution: 1mm
Measuring scales: 1:1 - 1:99.999.999
Distance units: km, miles and nautical miles
Material: ABS and PU
Waterproof: water resistant 30 m
Battery life/Discharge time: Normal use approx 1 year
Batteries/type: CR2032
Durability/drop test: –
Dimensions: Approx 95 x 45 x 20
Weight: Approx 40 g
Instruction manual languages: GB, F, D, E, I, NL, FIN, SE
Warranty: 1 year

Camping / Outdoor, Industrial

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