Silva Pedometer EX Step

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Silva ex series includes four different models of pedometers; ex step, ex distance, ex plus and ex connect. They all feature the new, contemporary design with warm colours on a glossy white body. These pedometers are compact, lightweight and easy to use. The built-in filter function prevents recording unwanted occasional movement during a walk, jog or a day at work. The new belt clip secures the pedometer to the belt/trousers in the best possible way and for safety reasons the ex pedometers are also equipped with a safety lanyard which will prevent accidental loss, just in case… Silva ex connect also includes free access to the web based training service where friends can be challenged in “step competitions” and where the exercise data can be uploaded and analyzed.

• Step counting – accurate step counting technology (all ex models)
• 6 step filter function – accurate step registration (all ex models)
• Metric and imperial units – product for international markets (all ex models)
• Safety lanyard – no accidental loss (all ex models)


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