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Silva Pedometer ex10 Plus

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Colour: Purple
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Our new ex10 series contains three models of our well used and recognized pedometers in improved and redesigned shape. ex10 step is your basic accurate step counter and if you also want to measure your distance the ex10 distance should be your choice. The ex10 plus combines the above features with calorie counting and 45º Accumotion technology which gives you the perfect fitness coach.

• 45º Accumotion – tilt accuracy for all body types. Wear around the neck
• Step count – measures your activity in amount of steps
• Lanyard with safety break away – prevents the risk of strangling
• Sleep mode – save batteries and the environment. The pedometer wakes up by moving it or by pushing any button.
• Step, distance and calorie count for ex10 plus – choose how you want to measure your activity


  • Step
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Automatic timer (starts/stops when user starts/stops walking)

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