Silva Pocket Compass ME

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Always a guide with you, with the new SILVA Pocket Compass. With its small size and precise needle it will be your new best friend for when in need. It fits right in your pocket and comes with a carabiner hook for attachment as well as a thermometer to keep you aware of your environment’s shiftings. This compass is perfect for “what if moments”; what if you brake your bigger compass? What if you get lost on your hike? Keep this compass in your pocket at all times and you’ll be safe!
•Keep it on you at all times
•Fits right in your pocket!
•Aware of the shifitings in the environment
•Easy to see your direction
•You won’t lose it
•Easy to bring
•Know when to make camp
•Fast and easy decisions

Size: 57x47x9mm
Water resistant: IPX8
Other: - Compass with SILVA quality
- Thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius
Material: Acrylic
Temperature operating range: -20º - +60ºC
Weight: 16g
Instruction manual languages: SE, GB, F, DE, DK, FIN, JP, CN, RU, NO, NL, IT, PT, ES
Warranty: 5 years
Country of Origin: China

Camping / Outdoor, Travel

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