Silva Ranger SL Compass

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The popular Ranger series now contains two new models. One traditional baseplate compass and one mirror sighting compass. These two in combination with the new Ranger SL are commonly used by serious compass users such as mountaineers, backpackers and hunters.

Type of compass: Mirror sighting
Mirror sighting: Yes
Magnifying lens: No
Declination adjustment: No
Clinometer: No
Night use: Yes
Rubber friction feet: No
Silva 1-2-3: Yes
Other: Hands free navigation, Sunwatch
Gradation: 360
Resolution: 5
Measuring scale: mm
Accuracy: 1 degree
IP class: IPX8
Durability: 1 meter into wooden floor
Temp range: -20°C - +60°C
Material: Acrylic/PA+30%GF
Dimensions: 59x41x14mm
Weight: 23g
Instruction manuals languages: SE, GB, F, DE, DK, FIN, JP, CN, RU, NO, NL, IT, PT, ES NO, NL, IT, PT, ES NO, NL, IT, PT, ES
Warranty: 5 years
Country of Origin: China

Camping / Outdoor, Military / Tactical

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