Silva Trekking poles - Carbon

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Silva Trekking poles carbon are made for walking, just like you. Bring these lightweight trekking poles made of carbon when you are hiking or trekking in the mountains. By using poles, you will take off load on your joints, improve your balande and save energy.

Adjust the length up to 140 cm with the easy aluminum "flick-lock" system. The poles can be conveniently pushed together into three pieces and carried in your backpack, or attached to your backpack, when not needed.

These poles have comfortable cork handles which are ideal in both warm and cold temperatures. The extended foam handles are convenient in steep terrain or when you quickly want to change grip. The wrist straps are soft and easy to adjust and will make even a full day of hiking comfortable.

Do you go on hikes in muddy terrain or even in lots of snow? These poles include removable snow baskets, rubber paws and interchangeable tips. Bring your poles on all your adventures regardless the season without the risk to wear them out. The carbide tips are concave for even better grip on trails and in rough terrain. Snow baskets, carbide tips, wrist straps and rubber paws can also be bought as spare parts.

Store your poles in the included storage bag in between adventures and these poles will be ready for a hike whenever you are. There is always more to discover.


  • Lightweight carbon poles
  • Cork handles for a smooth feeling
  • Soft wrist straps
  • Folded into 3 sections
  • Interchangeable tips, snow baskets and rubber paws
  • Adjustable length up to 140 cm
  • Dimensions: 67x9x4 cm
  • Weight: 400 g

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