Troika Bike Multitool

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The ultimate gift for your best biker friend or biker partner. A cool design and 18 tools and functions specifically tailored to bikes: a screwdriver with hexagon and cross-head, hexalobular socket and hexagon socket, spoke tool, open-end wrench and more. With perforated metal plate to attach to a keyring.
Multi-tool for bicycles, with 18 functions, hexagon screwdriver (1/1.5/2/3/4/5/6mm), slotted, Phillips screwdriver, hexalobular (T15), hexagon socket (5.5/7/8/10mm), spoke wrench (spoke tool), open-end wrench (3/15mm), metal plate with gap for attachement to key-ring, carbon steel / stainless steel, shiny, Multicoloured

• Ideally prepared for every mishap on the go: with you always and everywhere! Thanks to the perforated metal plate, the bicycle tool can be easily attached to the key and is always a loyal companion.

• A must-have accessory and a great gift for everyone who loves to ride a bike! Trendy thanks to the iridescent rainbow surface

Weight: 125 g
Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 32 mm
Material: carbon steel / stainless steel


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