Troika Clever Key Key organiser - Max - 6 keys, 6 additional functions

Colour: Blue
Sale price$26.00 SGD


TROIKA CLEVER KEY comes as a kit and remains one of the smartest key organisers ever. Screws, spacer rings and aluminium shells can be quickly installed — it's no challenge for anyone who's still got a little bit of playful instinct. Then the intuitive handling of the organiser, and its numerous useful functions, will leave you stunned. Three to six keys can be safely stowed away. Spanners, screwdrivers, carabiners and much more can fit on board. And, of course, there's an extra keyring for your (rather more chunky) car key. The perfect combination of key management and a multi-tool: almost too good to give away! Made from durable stainless steel and aluminium, matte, in silver/blue or silver/titanium.

Key organiser for max. 6 keys, 6 additional functions, bottle opener, carabiner, wrench (4 sizes), slotted screwdriver, tool for wing screws , centimetre/inch ruler, aluminium / stainless steel.

• This clever Jack of All Trades brings order into your key chaos, and features impressive additional functions.

• Whether it is a screwdriver, bottle opener, or a snap hook - this key organiser will win you over with its high-quality materials, and it offers a space-saving alternative to a conventional key ring. It provides compact storage for your keys.

• This well-known Amazon bestseller is made of stainless steel and aluminium, and is robust and practical. It fits into your pants pocket, and also has space for your car key due to a practical snap hook.

• Made of 2Cr13 stainless steel and 416 stainless steel

Weight: 55 g
Dimensions: 95 x 22 x 14 mm
Material: aluminium / stainless steel

Everyday / General Purpose

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